We have created a training model that allows you, as the purchaser, to select the modules that are most relevant to your setting: we want our training packages to meet your needs.

Please note that although our training is autism specific, the strategies suggested are good practice for all children/young people in your setting.

Further information:

• ‘Understanding autism’ is a requirement for all settings before selecting further training. We believe that this is important in order to ensure that everyone has a shared understanding of what autism may look like and how it may impact on individuals in your setting.
• All modules are 90 minutes.
• Prices quoted are based on training approx. 30 participants per session.
• £350 per module
Room requirements:
• Space to comfortably seat all participants
• Use of a projector and speakers

If you have specific training requirements that are not covered in our offer then please contact us to discuss your needs.

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